Kelsey W.

By May 1, 2017Story

I’m 15 and I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. I’m also anemic which doesn’t help my situation at all. I’ve seen 5 different counselors and none have helped me. They’ve only asked if I knew any triggers – which I don’t because there isn’t any reason for me to feel this way. I’ve not had a dramatic loss, I’m not being bullied and my home life is pretty good.

On paper my life is fantastic but for some reason my brain doesn’t see it that way. I’ve been feeling suicidal and sad for the past 18 months but have only sought out help recently. Since seeking help my family has become aware and more supportive, my friends are more sympathetic and people are starting to understand more. I’ve been referred to a mental health association thing and I’m starting a different kind of therapy there tomorrow.

I do feel that speaking out has helped me because although I’m not “cured” people around me get it a bit better which does somewhat help. I would definitely encourage others to speak out about their mental health since I have encouraged 2 other friends to tell their families. It isn’t something which should be taken lightly and although you can’t see it it’s still there and is a daily struggle for anyone who suffers from mental illness.

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