A Friend

My husband Gregory took his life July 1, 2010 after job loss. I am fairly certain he was suffering from mental illness in silence. He prided himself with being a very strong man and probably considered mental issues as a weakness as I have learned is not unique to my husband.

I have since learned a lot about mental illness and suicide and currently give presentations, interviews, and facilitate a suicide survivor’s support group in the Quad Cities area. I have dedicated my life to ending the stigma surrounding mental illness and suicide and know that ending the stigma around getting help for this illness is all important to prevention of suicide.

This is the generation that will end the stigma…get the word out there and continue doing the good work you are doing.

3 responses to “A Friend”

  1. Cheri VanS says:

    The fear generated to the general public when they hear that your loved has mental illness is palpable. The stigma causes friends and family to abandon their friend/relative when they need support the most. The isolation that this causes is huge barrier to ever becoming stable. We are social beings and must have interaction with others to stay healthy. We must continue to educate others!

  2. Leigh M says:

    so heartbroken for you for your loss. so inspired by you that even under these circumstances you have the strength to carry out your message. thank you for your dedication.

  3. Jenni says:

    I’m very sorry that you lost your husband. Society has carved out a mold for adult men and then can’t figure out why they all don’t fit. It’s unfair and most men suffer in silence with mental illnesses because they have been told they HAVE TO BE THE STRONG one.


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