A Survivor

I’m a college student, son, brother, cousin, uncle, friend and can relate to everyone in some way but one thing that makes me different is that I have bipolar depression. Depression in our society is a taboo – not to be talked about, the subject changed when it is brought up – but people don’t realize that it is as serious as someone who has cancer. I should know because on April 22, 2015 I tried to commit suicide. I was going 140 mph on the freeway and totaled my car.  Everyone said I shouldn’t of been alive but I am and I’m glad I survived because there are people out there who feel that every day is going to be the same and never change, but take it from me…a survivor. Depression is a dark lonely place but with the right person who understands you and helps you things will get better.  Maybe not today, or tomorrow, or in 3 months, but it will get better soon. Bipolar depression is a serious mental disorder that is laughed at by people saying, “its only done for attention.” Its not. It makes people take their lives everyday and it’s not acknowledged what so ever. I hope this helps people understand. Please help someone who doesn’t seem like themselves. Always understand why they want to make others happy – because they don’t want others to feel how they feel everyday.

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  1. Susan A says:

    Thank you got sharing. I’ve had depression for 10 plus years that has gotten really bad since 2011 when I had to quit my job to keep going. Just recently diagnosed with bipolar II and things make a little more since. Prayers for your continued help with your journey.

  2. George says:

    Finally on the right meds at 64. Started my journey at age 17. It’s been hell and I’m bitter for the loss of my life.

  3. Victor says:

    Bipolar disorder is very serious like you said and should be treated that way. It is a terminal illness like cancer except unlike cancer there is a stigma. What has helped me is getting rid of toxins (Alcohol, drugs, tobacco), exercise, medication (mood stabilizer, atypical antipsychotic), supplements (vitamin D, Vitamin b-complex, vitamin C, multivitamin, magnesium), healthy diet (no sugar, veggies, protein, good fats, grains, fruits), meditation, positive thinking, good support system, coping well with negative people and circumstances, having faith, I also have been trying out a turmeric tea (a teaspoon of turmeric boiled with milk) which has been shown to help with depression, getting sleep and rest, relying on comedy to make you laugh and help keep you happy. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 22 years old have been suffering since about 16 years old. I will be 28 in march. Stay strong.

  4. Victor says:

    a good psychotherapist is part of your good support system

  5. Victor says:

    also listening to the right music has helped me stay strong through desperate times

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