Angelita D

My name is Angelita and my oldest son Tony suffers from schizophrenia. He was diagnosed in his early 20’s, he will be 33 soon. Tony is a loving man with a good heart but at times never really comprehends what the illness does to him. We recently got him back on his medication after a year and a half that he decided he did not need to take it.

It was an a emotional roller coaster to say the least but we prevailed because we kept our faith in him as well as our never ending love for him. There were days my daughter and I thought we could not bear another day. We knew that deep down my living son and her brother was still fighting to get better. My daughter recently had a baby and Tony was showing no emotions towards him and this was heartbreaking to see for we knew he has a good heart.

I believe because of the birth of my grandson Hudson, that something made Tony want to get back on his medication. This was a day that I will never forget because I believe that he knew that if he was to have a relationship with his nephew that he needed to back on his medication. I thank God and the love of my family for always being there for Tony as we always will be.

Mental illness can make it break a family, but the love in one’s heart is what keeps others going. Tony knows that we will always be there for him. For he did not chose to have a mental illness, it had chosen him.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Great story. I know your pain. But also
    Know your joy when he takes his meds.
    Your suffering has brought you to
    A higher level of understanding of
    Mental illness. Many will never get it.
    But the younger generation is trying
    To understand. This website is such
    Education for all. It’s a journey of love
    Hope and greatness. Continue to
    Share yours to all

  2. Jean says:

    I really like this site a lot! My son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia three years ago at the age of 25. Shortly after that, his twin niece and nephew were born, and my son is very good and loving to them and very helpful to his sister in caring for them when they’re home after she works (they’re in day care) I often wonder what would be happening with him now if not for the twins. The twins absolutely adore their uncle! He is my only son, and my oldest. I have two children, the other being my daughter (single mom 🙁 So I have much to worry about. I have recently started on antidepressant/antianxiety medication for myself because of the depression I’ve been suffering over the “loss” of my beloved son to schizophrenia!
    The medication has done one thing for me: Stopped the almost endless crying.
    And I totally understand the younger generation “getting it,” as my daughter very astutely pointed out to me. I tried a few mental illness posts on my Facebook timeline and got nothing! But when she posted on hers, she did get likes, comments and shares.
    My son has been doing well on an antipsychotic and has only had one episode, but he has all the negative symptoms, which I find sad. . .I love them more than ever, both my children, for their struggles. We have the gene. So maybe by the time the twins reach that crucial age, maybe there will be some way to intervene quickly, if symptoms do start, heaven forbid!!

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