Anthony R

In July 2011, I was on a dismounted patrol as a member of the US Army Special Operations Command in Northeastern Afghanistan. Shortly after a firefight, an IED was detonated 8mm from my position. The injuries from this blast have impacted my life tremendously. I now live with PTSD, TBI and other physical/mental disabilities. Moreover, my Wife and Children have to deal with my mental, emotional and physical changes. I have learned not to be afraid of expressing my feelings regarding the events of July 17, 2011. The hardest part of finding my way through this has been to be thankful that I am still here and to gain understanding that my life will never be the same. The nightmares, anxiety issues and the lack of wanting to participate in society have been trying. Nevertheless, I have reasons to be. I have my family, I have you and I have me! I hope that I can share a voice with others who live with mental imperfections. There are more of us than mere numbers show.

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  1. Kristie says:

    Anthony R.,
    You sound like SUCH a strong, honest, faithful man. You’ve reached out. God’ll take it from here. Stay strong, Anthony-strong.

  2. Cyndi says:

    Anthony…thank you for your post and showing me it’s okay to have imperfections. I lost my leg after an accident 27 years ago while on active duty in the Marine Corps. I also suffer from PTSD due to an attackbyna fellow male Marine back in 1991. I am finally able to explain to my family and friends why it’s hard for me to be in crowds or go to the movie theater. It’s even harder now with the one leg. I know it shouldn’t be, but that’s just another road I must get down too. I’m trying a little bit more everyday.

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