Carmen D

Depression is your fault OR IS IT?

Hey do you know that you have control over how you feel good and bad? Oh did you know there is someone way worse than you? Well how about things could be worse? Why are you being ungrateful? What is there to be sad about? You are always sad and look outside the sky is blue someone lost their life today? Someone is blind and someone is deaf and you’re acting like this? Suicide is so selfish how dare you leave people asking and wondering forever you coward!

Hey do you know that you don’t have control over if you feel good or bad even to a certain extent? Did you know someone is better off than you? How do you justify that? Things could be better but how would that help saying a person is worse off than you? Did you know it’s possible to be depressed and grateful at the same time? Did you know that suicide isn’t selfish but it’s selfish not to listen to the cry for help? Did you know all your words hurt? Do you know they make us blind to our reality? It makes us deaf to hope? What if I told you it wasn’t a pity party but you blaming and throwing a pity party?

So depression IsN’t your fault! Did you know it could be inherited? Did you know there could be a chemical imbalance? Did you know people who have physical infirmities get a pass but people with mental illness don’t get a pass? What if I told you right now at any minute you could have clinical depression? How would you feel if someone said these things to you after a major event.

Depression is a prisoner in itself and you shouldn’t be blamed for it. Seek help. There are people out there so don’t feel alone. Know that your feelings and concerns are valid. Know that there is hope even if it seems cliche and most of all never feel inferior because of your illness. Because in the end you’re stronger anyway.

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