Casey Maenza

Hello, my name is Casey! I tragically lost my dad to suicide in December 2011. I then lost my uncle to suicide, and, several years prior, I lost a dear friend to suicide. These events shook me to the core leaving me with a shattered heart, a lost soul, and questioning life and my entire existence. My path was derailed, and I searched tirelessly for my purpose here on Earth. I knew that I needed to turn my pain into purpose and shed some light on the darkness of life. I want to help others find happiness despite the struggle, despair, and tragedy we experience here on Earth. I want to spread the message of love, peace, and beauty in a world that can be equally ugly at times. I want to encourage us all to focus on the good stuff, because there IS so much good stuff, and, when we direct our energy towards it, we can find happiness. We need to focus on moments spent with loved ones, experiences that fulfill our soul, and connections with others. These are the reasons we exist and our purpose in life. There will always be struggle, despair, and tragedy, and, while we cannot ignore adversity, we do not have to let it prevail. It is a part of life, but there is usually a silver lining. Struggle can often lead us to grasp how beautifully fragile life is. It is that beauty that we need to keep in our hearts and souls, and find true joy amongst it all. My losses have lead me to make significant changes in my life, and I want to share that inspiration with others. They have taught me to enjoy the simple things, to treat all beings with kindness and compassion, and to make deeper connections with nature and the people I love… To do more of what makes my soul happy!

I created Happy Soul Apparel, an online t-shirt store, in hopes of spreading the message of hope and happiness, despite struggle. For every t-shirt sold, I donate $3 to non-profit organizations that support mental health initiatives. I have selected BC2M as our charity for July, and I hope that you will consider purchasing a t-shirt to support their cause of starting the conversation and ending the stigma around mental health. Let’s start a #happysoulmovement!

Facebook:  Happy Soul Apparel
Instagram:  @happysoulapparel
Twitter:  @happsoulapparel

Love & Light,

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