Daniel B

I was first hospitalized in 1969 at the age of 15. These were the old days of psychiatry where mental illness was the result of distance fathers and overprotective mothers. My parents were told that it would take “long time” meaning months of hospitalizing to make me “well”.

I was a 15 year old on an adult psych unit. My treatment consisted of restraints and IM injections for any slight disobedience of the nurses. This I later learned was illegal.

Eventually at 18 I was committed to a state hospital where I endured 5 ECT treatments. I found out later the state had given me a 1% chance of ever functioning again in society.

Finally in the 1980’s I was correctly diagnosed as Bipolar and received proper treatment and medications. I earned a BA degree and a teaching credential and taught for 30 years.

I remain well with the help of my physicians and therapist and I have a network for friends. I am also active in my Church.

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