first you think you’re sick
then it’s all a blur
then you think you’re dizzy
no one can concur

you follow all the same steps
if not you will go back
brush here brush there
no! not again
you went off of the track

you think you got the order wrong
then you must restart
otherwise you will be bothered
and then your brain will dart

writing’s very difficult
stay on the line or not at all
your attention span is critical
don’t rush or speed
just finish it all

disturbing pictures flash through your brain
get out get out. don’t come back again
but stays as if attached to a chain

someone coughs right next to you
you quickly walk away
suddenly you feel the chills and sniffles
and think have I got the flu
you take deep breaths and close your eyes
waiting for it to go away
but she holds it and she cries
for when the day it all disappears.

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