I’m a 35 year old man with Bi-polar. I knew I was diffrent as a young child. I felt out of place playing into what would make me “normal”. Inside was a living hell, my emotions my anger, my way of looking at life crippled me. I was told I was just diffrent. I lived this way at times out of control. I was blessed with a wife and three girls, but last year I cracked. Total mania and depression cycling that I could not control. I made an attempt to end it all. I spent money that we did not have. I was a monster to my wife and kids. I finally ended up in a hospital for three months. I now I’m gaining contol and mending my marriage. I know it will be a long road back, but I’m lucky to get to start over, and still have my family. I’m holding a job, and dealing with live interactions better. I’m finding out who I really am. Not who I thought I was. I’m a father, a husband, a son, a brother, and yes by the way I have bi-polar, but that does not define me.      

Keep on Keepin’ on!

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  1. diann says:

    my son was diagnosed with bi-polar…he refuses to take anything to help him. he’s 26..i don’t know what to do. he is on such a rollar coaster how can i get him to seek help

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