My son became ill at age 18. It is overwhelming to deal with this disease called schizophrenia. There is perpetual conflict every day. Early on, I had so many insecurities, so many failures. It was all consuming. It’s difficult to describe the feelings to anyone except those that go through this desperate straight. But I was young, healthy, and had opportunities to walk this journey beside my son. I observed, researched, and kept a journal of every road we took which offered hope for a cure. I acquired abundant knowledge about sources of help.

This 30-year journey gave my life meaning and purpose, and whatever I was able to do for him has been given back to me ten-fold. I feel immeasurable gratitude towards many loyal and wonderful friends, neighbors, professors, and doctors. Their kindness will never be forgotten. No one can go through this alone.

My son is now doing very well. He still faces challenges as he works to regain his place in this life. I marvel at his strength, work ethic, and progress. He is a kind, good person. I have learned that a life once so terrifying can again become a joy. To anyone who feels that they or their loved one are on the margin, I want to leave you with the hope that this can also happen to you.
It was my children’s suggestion, and with their endorsement, that I wrote this book. www.catchingthethiefbook.com

2 responses to “Diann”

  1. dawn says:

    Thank you for your courage and telling your story. The stigma against emotional illness makes a difficult experience even worse.

  2. Monica says:

    Wow….I began this book around 2 in the afternoon and could not put it down til the finish about an hour and half later!!!! So many similarities and such familiar things….I am amazed at your perserverance…I too am on the same path for my son!!! Thank you for these words….it has made me stop and rethink and think again!!! One day we may have this same outcome…recovery and his life filled with joy!!! I BELIEVE that!!!

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