I was bullied in school for as long as I can remember, got kicked, pinched, called fat and ugly, which only got worse as the years passed by. I spent all my time at home on the computer as an escape from real life. Since I was hearing that I was fat so often, I started believing it. I thought that maybe if I just lost 5 pounds I wouldn’t be picked on so much, and maybe actually be popular, cute and small. So I did. I lost 5 pounds, but that wasn’t enough. I kept thinking just 5 more pounds but it was a never ending cycle. I started skipping breakfast which then led to lunch and then dinner. I went stretches of days without eating and at the time felt good about it. I was always cold, my hair was brittle and my skin was falling off. I always got blackouts that would last for at least 2 minutes, and once in which it led to me fainting. My first hospital stay was on July 30th – August 13th of 2012. I had a tube down my nose and needles in my arms and was on bed rest. After that, not knowing it, I had 3 treatment centers and lots of work ahead of me. I didn’t care if I died at the time. I dropped weight rapidly and hunched over like I was 90 years old. I could barely walk. Today, I am still in recovery, but I have come so far and there is no way I am going to let Anorexia rule me again. Recovery is SO worth it. I am now healthy, energetic, and happy. I love my life again and don’t get me wrong, sometimes the voices in my head still try to creep in, but I push them away.

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