Emily D.

Moving to a new school district in the 7th grade, I felt awkward and out of place. I felt as if everyone hated me and I was incapable of being loved. Eventually I began self harming: burning, cutting, anything that caused pain; this went on for about two years. Multiple suicide attempts later, my parents finally became aware of my condition. I was suffering in silence, too embarrassed to reveal my hardships to my family. Few close friends kept me strong through such tough times, and once my parents sent me to therapy I began acting out more than I ever had. Tricking and lying constantly to my therapist who was only trying to help me, I began spiraling even further out of control. Drugs, sex, and alcohol began my source of life; eventually it was all too much and I overdosed one final time. Luckily, a friend realized what I was doing and notified my mom. My parents carried me to the hospital and they were able to keep me alive. I spent 7 days in a psychiatric hospital. After a short amount of time my medication began to take effect and things got better. It wasn’t overnight, nor was it easy. It took unimaginable strength and support to overcome my mental illnesses: severe depression, anxiety, and ADD. Today, I live a happy, healthy, and sober life and I can’t thank my family and friends enough for getting me the help I needed when I was suffering from a true medical disorder: mental illness.

3 responses to “Emily D.”

  1. sunny says:

    Awe so proud of you!! That’s a great story that you had the courage to tell. Thank you

  2. Patty says:

    so proud of you, Emily, for having the strength to ‘hang in’ there. Your story is an inspiration to SO many … thank you & best wishes to you!!

  3. Jenni says:

    I’m glad you’re still here. I’ve been down that road too. I hope you continue to do well. With every story I read here, I’m closer to writing it all down and sharing it. Blessings to you Emily.

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