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The easiest way to remove stigma from mental illness is to reach out and educate your friends, family and co-workers. We created posters and cards that you can print and distribute in your school, office, and neighborhood.

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Tips For Organizers

Host a Mental Health Event

Are you looking to create change in your community?  Hosting a mental health event is a great way to get involved and to make a difference not just in your own life, but in the lives of others as well.  Whether you want to introduce the topic or create ongoing ways to check in with loved ones and stay connected, we have compiled a list of potential event ideas for you.  Here are just some of the many ways that you could create the dialogue of change where you live!

Birthday or Anniversary Party:  Throw a party to benefit BC2M that includes thoughtful mental health conversations throughout the night.

Anything – A – Thon Night:  Choose your favorite activity (walk, dance, ski, bowl, jump rope, read, sculpt, paint – the list is endless!) and create a fun night around it while collecting pledges and donations.

Club Race Day:  Do you belong to a club for running, biking, rowing, skiing, etc.?  Hold a fun race day to benefit BC2M.

Corporate Challenge Event:  Talk with your company about a corporate challenge around an event such as running, cycling, rowing, trekking, etc. to promote mental health and gather pledges to support a workplace mental health initiative.

Movie Night:  Host a film screening of an appropriate movie, such as Silver Linings Playbook, and include a post-movie mental health conversation.

Art Exhibit:  Host a night to showcase the talents of artists touched by mental illness.

Music Night:  Are you or your friends musically inclined?  A benefit concert is a great opportunity for spreading awareness.

Book Club:  Pick a book from the BC2M reading list or one that you thought presented interesting and important views on mental health for your next book club selection.

Sports Night:  Do you have a favorite team?  Have your friends over to watch a game and to check in with one another about your mental health.

Game Night:  Invite your friends over or host a night at your local community center for some board and card games and mental health conversation.

Girls / Boys Night:  Create a fun night for your friends to check in with one another and share mental health stories and updates.

Hold a Bake Sale at your local school or community event to benefit BC2M.

Hold a Mental Health Awareness Fair at your school or in your community.

Create a Mental Health Awareness Club at your school.

Organize a community yard or garage sale to benefit BC2M.

Do you train or coach people?  Hold a workshop in your area of expertise

Eat Out for BC2M:  Gather a group of friends for a meal out and ask the restaurant to donate a percentage of their sales that night to BC2M.

Do you own a business?  Dedicate a percentage of sales for a designated time to BC2M.

Solicit local businesses to match the donations raised by your club or group for BC2M.

Create an Original Event:  Think of an activity that is meaningful to and enjoyable for you and create an event to go around it.


The incredible women of MHWTC are a non-profit club created to empower women in their community to achieve personal fitness goals, develop their inner athlete, and raise awareness for important causes.  They are a USAT certified club that provides direction, motivation, and support to help all of their members successfully complete a triathlon.  In addition to supporting one another to achieve personal fitness goals, MHWTC contributes to an even bigger purpose through creating awareness and raising money for a different cause each year.  Bring Change 2 Mind was lucky enough to be selected as one of their causes and we could not be more grateful for their support and for the amazing energy that they bring to spreading mental health awareness.

As one of Maui’s elite fitness professional and healthy lifestyle specialists, Suzie Cooney has been changing people’s lives since 2001.  She provides private personal training services for everyone from professional athletes to those reentering fitness by helping them discover ways in which to increase their performance and discover personal breakthroughs in their sports and life.  Additionally, Suzie is an amazing mental health advocate and regularly hosts events to raise awareness.

J. Pepin Art Gallery features contemporary artists who are reframing the perception of mental illness.  Founder Jennifer Pepin, who lives with bipolar, developed this gallery to give people an opportunity to share their work and stories to show the beauty that can come from having a mental illness.  It is her hope to empower artists to tell their story and to inspire people to look at mental health in a different way.  A portion of the gallery proceeds are donated to various organizations also focused on creating awareness and ending the stigma of mental illness.

On Thanksgiving Day in 2013, a 13 year old boy in Illinois organized a father / son football game in memory of his father and asked each friend to bring $5.00 to support Bring Change 2 Mind.  We were indescribably touched to receive his $500.00 donation along with a smiling photo of everyone who participated and a beautiful note describing the day.  His enthusiasm and courage has undoubtedly changed more lives than he could ever imagine.

Potential Event Dates

May – National Mental Health Awareness Month

May 3rd – National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

July – National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

The First Full Week of September – National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week

The First Full Week of October – National Mental Health Awareness Week

The Saturday Before Thanksgiving – Suicide Survivor’s Day