Bring Change2Mind came to our families attention 6 years too late for my husband, but has been a strength for my daughter.

My husband was diagnosed with depression in the early 1980’s. During our 27 year marriage it progressively became worse as doctors kept trying new things and medications stopped being affective for him. The stigma that came with a man, husband, provider, and father of having depression was great. He wouldn’t tell anyone because it made him feel less of a man. Our marriage was hard but I stuck with it. In 2008, he couldn’t deal with the fact that he wasn’t getting better, that he couldn’t keep up with any work, and that our daughter was now diagnosed with depression, to him, it was his fault.

Due to an untrained doctor in the field of depression, things were not handled properly and after dealing with depression for 25 years he took his life. I had saved him before, but this time I couldn’t. Helping our family survive after a member makes a decision like that is hard, especially when another family member also suffers from depression.

As a family, we are now doing great. We are there for each other and work hard to help my daughter see her value. She tells her son that her brain is broken. She is just like everyone else but with a broken brain that needs medication. I wish my late husband could have realized that and been a part of this movement to bring change to the minds of others.

Mental illnesses affect the family, the community, the work place and the world. The way to overcome the stigmas is to learn to understand the diseases. I am glad someone is finally speaking up to change the minds of the unlearned and teach them that those who suffer are good valuable members of society.

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  1. Kevin McK says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. I’m sorry you’re husband lost his internal war with his depression. I often wonder with myself what will be my final battle? What will be the time/moment/trigger to push me over the edge of reason and hope? I feel incredible sadness inside myself that just won’t go away. I am amazed by your resilience to have loved and lived with two members of your family with depression and your still able to put a positive perspective on your experience to give hope to others. Thank you.

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