Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m 16 yrs old and a younger sister to someone with Schizophrenia. You cannot believe how happy I was when I found this campaign, and all I want to do is help as much as I possibly can. My brother lived a “normal” life up until he was 17 (I was 6). He was diagnosed with paranoid Schizophrenia and things have never been the same since. I’m not even sure I remember ever living a “normal life”. It has caused so much pain and suffering for my entire family, especially my brother. We still have not found an effective medicine or treatment for him. What is worse is that his symptoms are very severe, making it hard to even go to the grocery store without getting odd looks and stares by people. Making most of our lives lived “under a rock”. Within the last year it has gotten worse and had made me mildly depressed. Until I realized that I can’t let this tragedy get the best of me, I may not be mentally ill but people don’t seem to understand how it affects the family so much also. Judgement from others doesn’t help either. People need to become more educated about this mental illness, this matter needs the right attention, a positive one. I want to make a difference, I want change. Thank you!

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