I was diagnosed Bipolar in August 2005 during a hospital stay after my second suicide attempt. I was 39 and had, apparently, been dealing with Bipolar disorder since I was 13. I believe it is the primary reason for the failure of two marriages, estrangement of most friends, frequent job changes and moving all over the country.

When most people hear about Bipolar disorder a lot of things come to mind but they only focus on the sensationalized events promoted by the media. What they don’t see is the darkness, anguish, self loathing and pain that torments all of us, even when medicated.

I would encourage everyone that does not have to deal with mental illness to take a step back and look at the effect it has on the individuals with it. Compassion and acceptance are the buzz words of the day. If you can’t look upon these people with compassion, accept the fact that they are in no way responsible for it and recognize it’s debilitating affects … then you are doing nothing more than perpetuating the evil.

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