I am the mother of seven children, three diagnosed with bi-polar, two recognize the disorder in themselves and have learned to control it with proper eating, sleep and staying away from drugs and alcohol. One of the three that has been diagnosed refuses help of any kind. After a lifetime of pain she continues to deny her need for medication, therapy, proper diet and rest and all the necessary things to bring her back to health. We are all suffering the pain of standing by and waiting for her to be involuntarily hospitalized once again. She has been hospitalized no less than five times in the last fifteen years.  Our pain is shared by many, many families and medical research and adequate medical insurance are the only hope we have. Facilities ability to treat people who are unwilling to accept their condition is minimal. As a nation, a wealthy nation, we must offer more hope to the mentally ill. When a person is incapable of recognizing their needs there must be a path for intervention on their behalf.

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