Uphold the Mission and Name of LETS BC2M
Upholding the name and reputation of BC2M and LETS BC2M is the responsibility of every student member and staff advisor. Please make sure each member read, understand and abide by the policies and procedures outlined in this document and in our club guidebook.

Club Registration
Each year, a club is required to re-register on our website to provide updated leadership information and advisor approval. Once approved, this will automatically subscribe your club for its yearly Back-to-School Kit and grant.

Individual Online Registration
All leaders, members and advisors of officially registered LETS BC2M Clubs should be registered. Members are required to update their subscription if their email changes.

Secure School Administration Approval
This can be critical to the success of your LETS BC2M Club. Support from your school can bring a wealth of knowledge and resources, but it’s extremely important to be aware of and adhere to your school’s guidelines. We will need this form to be signed by your school administration to indicate that you are an approved club on campus.

Organizational Structure and Membership
All clubs should have at least four officers: president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. These positions may not be filled by the same person. New leadership should be communicated via re-registration each year.

On-Campus Advisor
All LETS BC2M Clubs are required to have a campus advisor who is a member of the faculty or staff. This should be someone who cares about LETS BC2M’s mission and has the time to dedicate to the clubs success. The Advisor Form may filled out here.

Appropriate use of your LETS BC2M club
The purpose of a LETS BC2M club is to raise awareness about mental health and illness and to reduce the associated stigma. Clubs are not to be used in a counseling or direct therapy manner. If a student member feels that they need this support, they should speak to their club advisor and seek the appropriate services.

At the end of each semester all LETS BC2M clubs are required to submit:

  • Receipts for expenditures made from grant funds
  • Club meeting activity logs and
  • A financial summary if your club benefited from donations or fundraising.

Fundraising Registration
All fundraising events carried out by a LETS BC2M Club must be registered and approved by BC2M.

Financial Accountability
At LETS BC2M, we believe it is our responsibility to wisely use every dollar wisely. The following is a summary of requirements:

  • Fundraising (and all activities) must be appropriate to the identity of the LETS BC2M program.
  • All money raised in the name of LETS BC2M must benefit LETS BC2M. It may not be donated to other charitable causes.
  • Funds raised for a specific purpose must be used for that purpose.
  • Clubs must keep accurate financial records and accurately report these in the end of semester submissions.

Logo Use
Using the LETS BC2M logo on flyers and banners is a great way to advertise your club and its activities on campus and in the community. Because the most powerful visual element of the LETS BC2M program is the logo, it should always be treated with respect and used in a way appropriate to the mission of the club. Logo guidelines are here and downloadable.

Nondiscrimination Policy
It is the policy of LETS BC2M that there will be no discrimination or harassment in its clubs programs or activities based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or any other basis prohibited by law.

Public Relations for LETS BC2M
Media outreach by our supporters is invaluable in engaging the public to support LETS BC2M. As you conduct LETS BC2M activities, you may come into contact with a member of the press. In all of your communication with the press, you should make clear to journalists that you are a volunteer and not a LETS BC2M staff or spokesperson—and are therefore unable to answer specific questions about LETS BC2M’s mission and programs. You are, of course, encouraged to make comments about your own LETS BC2M club activities in your capacity as a volunteer. If a reporter wishes to speak to a staff person, or if you have a local media contact, please email leanne.l@bringchange2mind.org.

By continuing with the registration process, you agree to the terms outlined here.