I am not ready to be completely open so used a different name, I hope this is okay.

7 Things I Wish I Could Tell People Without Mental Health Issues.

1. Treat me like everyone else. You know how you treat a friend when they break their arm. You sign the cast and then you get on with life. That’s how I want to be treated. Let’s get on with life. Let’s go to the movies, joke about boys and tell each other our dreams about the future. I am still here. I still hurt when you make fun of me. I still cry when I don’t get invited to the party. I still feel. Want to help? Treat me like everyone else.

2. Don’t call me the C-word. I’ve been called that a lot. I don’t own any cats on purpose. It is a mark of being an outcast, it marks me as someone that it’s okay to leave out and disclude. We would all be quite boring if our brains were wired the same. But they’re all wired different. Can we love the differences? Or call me the other C word- cool. Be on the lookout for some unique creative talents.

3. It’s none of your business what happened in my past. Okay so I leave even the smallest leftovers in the fridge. My right eye twitches majorly in specific social situations. You can guess about my past, yes it’s an interesting story and no it’s none of your business. This isn’t entertaining gossip, this is my true life. There is a box in my brain where all the painful memories are. I’ve opened it, I’ve talked through it, I understand it and then I closed the box again. Maintaining on a daily level means keeping those memories in a box. Please don’t attempt to open it, if I want to, I will.

4. My mental health issues are only one aspect of my whole life. I have a career. I am a mother. I am a wife. I give back. I love to write. I have lofty goals. There is so much more to me. I wish people noticed my other qualities more often. People with mental health issues can get healthier with the right therapy and medications and lead amazing productive lives.

5. I have standards. I don’t like vegan food. Republicans make me uneasy. While your figuring out if I can work in your life, I am doing the same. Our society devalues people with mental health issues so much that people think that it’s okay to treat someone bad and are caught off guard when that person leaves. I worked my butt off to get here, and I didn’t do that to hang out with people who devalue me. If you are scared of me, I really don’t have time to fix that. It’s 2016, there are a lot of people in this world, if we don’t match each other needs, it’s okay. Hollywood lied to you, I don’t have time to stalk you, the exit door out of my life is wide open, be sure to take your prejudices with you.

6. I can learn. People are surprised when I pick up a new skill. My brain works different but it still works. Like everyone else I have areas where I excel (numbers, creativity) and areas where I have to work twice as hard (listening, not losing my phone). I had a friend who realized I pick up more through reading than listening so they always write important info down. It’s meant the world to me. There is no one beyond repair, we all can improve when placed in the right environment with amazing support.

7. I am not going to kill you, stop treating me like I did. One time I was walking down the sidewalk and this person got really big eyes and crossed the street. I understand people are scared of what they aren’t familiar with but can you stop watching movies and go read a psychology book. I have more reason to fear you. People with mental health issues are more likely to be victims of crimes than commit crimes. One time I got really mad at this guy that I was head-over-heels-bookoo-bookoo-gaga in love with, and I wrote a three page letter pouring all sorts of stuff out. That’s it. That’s the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life. When I am really upset, I write.

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