Upon diagnosis of BiPolar I felt like I was given a death sentence or cancer. Through trials and tribulations and going off and on medication, I have finally reached equilibrium. Do not fear this illness. For those afflicted are people with tenacity, perseverance and the will to conquer!  My doctor explained that brilliant minds are afflicted and told me “dummies don’t get the disease.” The roller coaster of emotions is difficult but palatable. Medication is the key. Swallowing a pill is nothing more than taking care of yourself. Rich and rewarding days are ahead. Each episode is knowledge that it has passed and future episodes diminished as you find the medication which works. Do not believe in the sensational news stories that lead to mass hysteria. These are isolated incidents with people who are NOT UNDER PROPER TREATMENT. The stigma remains but modern medicine has a solution that can lead you to the end of your nightmare. I offer you hope and promise that mental illness is NOT a life sentence. Make your community a place of awareness not ignorance. Together we can help others cope and educate society to the betterment of patients, caregivers and those undiagnosed and struggling. Erase the stigma and bring treatment in to the 21st century. We do not warehouse our ill, we give them the tools to become a productive and positive part of society!

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