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I’ve only seen one other story here even remotely similar to mine. In May 2013, I was in both outbreaks of tornadoes in the Oklahoma metro area, both on May 20 and May 31. It was especially bad for me because I was not safe.

I’m not able to drive because of a disability, so I was with my aunt and her children, who also live in Moore. She, for some reason, decided to try and drive out of town before the tornadoes got stronger, and that didn’t work. We ended up getting caught in rotation, and once or twice I did feel the car being moved around like it might leave the road.

Both outbreaks were like that, with us stuck in her little car. I was positive we’d die right there. I remember praying just to be guided through it safely, and then that changed to just, “please lord”, over and over. I can’t tell you to this day how long we were stuck on either date, and I feel like there are things that happened that I can not remember.

Since then its like it just happened last week or even yesterday. I walk around every single day in the same state of shock and loss, devastation and guilt. And for almost three years now, I’ve felt so alone in this. I’ve found nobody else that has had so much trauma because of the Moore tornadoes. I’d love to find others who are struggling with tornado related ptsd or even just storm related trauma. Thank you for allowing me to share.

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