Matthew M

I just turned twenty-seven years old and have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder now for roughly five years. When I was sixteen, I was diagnosed with depression, but never assumed that there would be a progression into my adult years. I thought, then, that it was a teenage phase. When I finally moved out on my own and began my career at twenty-two, there was a steep decline and noticeable differences in my thinking, feeling, and personality. It was unexplainable and with the fortunate ability to seek out help because of my job, I began talk and psychopharm- therapy.

Since I have began this journey, I have been lucky to see the same therapist and form a wonderful bond with her; however, I have not been so lucky with psychiatrists. I have moved along from psychiatrist-to-psychiatrist for one reason or another, and have tried too many different medications to count in such a short time. It really has become so exhausting to go through this and search for someone who can and will help. It has become exhausting to occasionally break down when things build up and become overwhelming. You would think in such a large city there would be so many options for fantastic help. Despite how tiresome it becomes, I am dedicated to continuing my search and keeping my mind as positive as possible.

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  1. Kerry D says:

    Keep up the search. You are worth it!

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