Matthew O

Hi my name is Matthew Olson and I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was 16. I’ve always loved the theater and singing. I have had a hard life got into drug addiction even stealing things to get high which in the long run made my schizophrenia 100 times worse. Now I’ve been clean for quite awhile. I have held a part time job at Walmart for about 3yrs but there is something missing. Singing.

In January 2016 I will be auditioning for the TV show THE VOICE. This is what I believe I was born to do and I’m not going to let any person or any illness stand in my way of following my dreams of becoming a singer. Even if I don’t get through the first audition, the experience will last a lifetime. I would not only make myself and my family proud, I hope I can inspire others that have that voice and mental illness to come out of the shadow we call stigma and follow their dreams as well.

Ty bringchange2mind

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  1. Nikki says:

    Good for you and good luck! It takes so much bravery for anyone to step up on the stage and sing. I truly admire and respect your strength to share your story and follow your dreams. <3

  2. Janet says:

    I think that’s wonderful! Follow your dreams! How exciting for you! Music and singing have been an important part of my dealing (escaping from ) my deep hole that I clawed my way out of. Not going to go back there. Give us a heads up when you know you’ll be on so we can all watch. More power to you! I wish you strength and peace

  3. Barbara S says:

    Matt my boy, we have GOT to talk! This is AMAZING! Are you actually auditioning on location, or mailing in a DVD? You inspire me to keep on striving….to do better at overcoming the effects of the stigma in my life. I love you, my friend! Keep on keepin’ on! ~ Barb ~

    • Matthew O says:

      Thank you. Should be a great thing to inspire people all around the world who need inspiring to go the extra mile believe in themselves to take there talent to next level. I’m a person with schizophrenia not the label. It’s a part of me not the whole me. People believe what they hear on tv is what they go on because they are so uneducated about it. It’s sad honestly

  4. JoAnne R says:

    Go Matt!!! Thank you for providing hope and encouragement to others. Thank you for sharing your story.

  5. Judy D says:

    Matthew, nice seeing you the other day. Don’t forget we have to the movies some day. Loved your story. Good luck!

  6. Dorothy K says:

    Hello Matthew, I am a long time friend of you mom. I just saw your post and you had a lot of courage to submit. I do hope you are successful with THE VOICE! I know your family cares a lot about you. Best of everything to you!

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