Wanted to share a poem I wrote this morning after an incredibly difficult night for my child written straight from my heart—we will overcome and we’ll continue to have a conversation with the masses about it—thank you BC2M for this site and an outlet to share on!!!!

-He’s So Brave In My Eyes-
In a world where health and happiness should reside
Sometimes it doesn’t only for the person inside
It’s a silent illness of which no one understands
And we can only put it in Gods sweet hands

To be the one who struggles each day
And I the one who has to watch and pray
For hope and light to surround my son
One day HE will answer and the battle will be won

We got this Jeffrey no doubt about that
Even though some days more difficult in fact
And we think this is too much to conquer
God says yes you can and I’ll make you stronger

I believe with all my might in HIS healing
That’s the only way to be and keep on feeling
So with that said let’s figure this out
I’ll always be here for you have no doubt

Mental health is a topic hard to speak of
But we have to talk about it and only love
Stop the stigma that surrounds it all
And help those who struggle to stand tall

Soooooo—thank you to my family and friends
For the love and comfort you always lend!!!

2 responses to “Monica”

  1. sister of schizophrenia says:

    God bless you and your son. I pray that the stigma ends and that you both receive peace.

  2. Carol S@ says:

    Living it. I do my best to reassure my precious loved one he’s worthy of love, respect, kindness and the chance to fulfill his dreams. His dad & I will crawl through hell if I must, to ensure he knows we’ve got his back.

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