Today is March 25, 2016. My brother Alex would have been 54 years of age today. He suffered from mental illness. Other health challenges ended his life.. I think the treatment he received from the stigma of that illness was as cruel as the illness itself.  My parents made the conscious decision to make sure he always had a home.  They believed that many of the homeless people on our streets didn’t have that option. So, in his memory, my friends and I will take to the streets of Chicago this Easter weekend and deliver hot meals to these beautiful souls that the world forgot to love. The work that you do is so important. Please don’t ever stop! ♡♡

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  1. Mike H. says:

    I’m so very sorry you lost your brother. I too have suffered loss due to mental illness in my family suicide etc.etc.
    Myself I suffer from the disease of addiction. Even while I stay clean off of drugs the obsession and compulsion can be devastating at times. One bad decision can ruin a life , career or even ruin a family that seems healthy on the outside. I’m told one of five families in America are touched with mental illness. It’s people like you that keep the awareness going and the love abounding. Thanks you’re an angel !

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