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What is UBC2M?

The College Toolbox Project (CTP) is the first effort of its kind to develop a systematic program aimed at reducing the stigma of mental illness. Based on the growing recognition of the widespread prevalence of mental illness in society, and the newly acknowledged need for improved mental health services among the college-aged population, the CTP couples a long-standing interest in the causes and consequences of mental illness and a strong social scientific research base, with the energy, talent, and open orientation of the Millennial generation. The CTP is a four-year intervention and assessment research project whose goal is to develop, pilot-test, and evaluate the efficacy of anti-stigma program materials. This program will subsequently be packaged as The College Toolbox and distributed for use by BC2M, free of charge, to colleges and universities. The CTP is a joint endeavor between Bring Change 2 Mind and Indiana University. Additional sponsors and participants include the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Informatics and Computing, and the School of Public Health, the Indiana Memorial Union Board, the Indiana University Student Association (IUSA), and Culture of Care.

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