Roger M

After years of neglect and abuse, emotional, mental and physical…and even more years of not dealing with those issues or even talking about them, they finally showed the toll they had taken on me and on my body…an entire life destroyed…wasted because no one seemed to care…no one wanted to listen, in fact it seemed like anytime I started to open up I became a “downer”, a “buzz-kill”…and not wanting to be the “party pooper” I suppressed everything and internalized it all…until now. I now suffer from several psychological, mental and physical disorders…I have to take several different medications to keep my mind and body “functioning properly” and of course, I have to see all kinds of doctors. I blame myself but, “people” had a lot to do with it. Indifference I think would be at the top of the long (very long) list of ways that (I think) people/society helped to destroy what was once a vibrant young man, full of promise and potential.

2 responses to “Roger M”

  1. Jamie says:

    They didn’t know any better. I’m glad you are getting better
    I hope your life is full of joy, wishing you the best in life.

  2. Mel says:

    Thank you for finding the courage to speak up. I agree with you that it is easier for others to look the other way and as a society, we are generally very selfish. Being ignored just adds fuel to the fire.

    I pray your situation continues to get better and you become stronger.

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