I have had a colorful, interesting, unbelievable, thrilling, miserable, and agonizing life. A life filled with very high highs and one with very low lows. My life changed for the better from taking my medication consistently and educating myself by getting my Master’s degree in psychology. But, something was killing me inside, daily. I was in so much turmoil mentally due to the shame that I have felt and lived with since I was diagnosed at 21 years old. I am now 39. Glenn Close’s speech with her sister, Jessie, at that awards show changed my life. I am no longer tortured by shame. I accept myself completely and now believe in educating other people about my disorder, which happens to be rapid cycle bipolar disorder.  My life is also amazingly better because my parents heard the speech and then went on the BC2M website. They have finally accepted me…..thank you Glenn and Jessie Close for your wonderful and brave work. It has improved and changed my life so very much. Thank God and thank you Glenn and Jessie! If your reading this: stay on your meds it makes a difference!

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