Ruth K

I was diagnosed with chronic post traumatic stress disorder after being treated for bipolar disorder for over ten years. In and out of treatment every year for the ten years that I was in an emotionally and mentally abusive relationship with my first husband. I’m fortunate after having had some less than stellar doctors to have found a neuropsychiatrist that offerred me hope and the opportunity to be a part of my treatment. In addition I see a LCSW for therapy on a regular basis.

I had a brother and sister who passed away that both suffered with depression and anxiety. My sister died in August, 2015 having taken her life after several previous attempts. My brother passed away in a horrific auto accident. I am the remaining sibling of the three of us. Because of this, I have a passion to erase the stigma of mental illness and bring attention to the importance of accurate diagnosis and family intervention.

As a writer, it gives me the opportunity to tell the story of my siblings and myself. Only I am left and for this reason I have hope that somehow in some way, others will be encouraged by our story. That will make the pain of grieving these losses a bit more easier to bear. I must speak out for them. Their voices have been silenced.

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