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Let Go of “Perfect”

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I am choosing to focus on that strength I have discovered and the hope that it offers. I can hope for a life where things get better slowly and I have more good days than bad. I can hope for a life free from the tyranny of perfectionism— a life where instead of impatiently criticizing my own weaknesses, I allow my imperfections teach me empathy.

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Author Mark Lukach On Why He Writes About Caregiving

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But there is one feeling that’s unnecessary: the loneliness, and in my time supporting my wife, I’ve never felt more lonely. In times of crisis we tend to wall ourselves away from each other because we’re too afraid to talk about what we’re experiencing. In all of my internet searching, it felt like I was the first husband who had to take his wife to the psych ward, because no one out there was talking or writing about it.

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Linda H

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PTSD is difficult. Brain illness is difficult, but stigma makes it 100 times worse. Thanks for letting me tell my story. I was ashamed to admit the abuse to anyone, even a mental health professional. I am glad I finally discussed it and have the correct diagnosis.

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Chris T

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I’m in no way ashamed of having most likely inherited this condition any more than a cancer patient has with their condition. Someday people will see those who struggle against biochemical imbalances that manifest to suicide as a much more severe battle than almost any other illness.

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