I am 27 years old. It’s been a long road. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 22 years old. Symptoms started at about 16 years old. I’m an artist. I have experimented with some music production mostly for fun. However, since the age of twenty two after graduating college I have been pursuing a film career. I have experience with video editing and have been making connections within the film industry for the past 4 years. I also have acting training and that’s my main love and passion. I just did my first commercial not too long ago. Before this I have been working as an extra. Like I said this has been a long road. Once I was diagnosed, I was given a lot of answers. It was scary, but things started to make sense. That meant I needed to make changes. My new lifestyle consisted of the following: no drugs that aren’t prescribed, no alcohol, no smoking, sleeping at least 6 hours but about 8 hours a night, no sugar, occasional dark or milk chocolate, take prescribed medication daily, take supplements daily, drink apple cider vinegar drink daily, drink green tea daily, eat healthy, meditate daily, think positively, go to a good therapist regularly, surround myself with only positive people, exercise regularly, listening to healing music, faith and prayer, drink plenty of water, patience. Things have gotten better, but the battle is not over. The road to becoming a successful, working artist/actor has felt quite long and difficult thus far, but has been rewarding and I know will pay off.

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  1. Antoinette H says:

    Hi Victor, I admire your courage and endurance.
    When I (not suffering from a mental illness) hear/read stories like yours, it makes me realize how lucky I am that I don’t have to deal with stigma and don’t have to put so much energy in staying healthy.
    I can’t say: I know how it must feel, because I don’t. But reading your story gives me (and hopefully others) the insight on what mental illness means to the people suffering from it. Hopefully it will also help people like me learn about how to help someone with an anxiety attack or depression, or anything else.
    I hope your acting career will be as big as you want it to be!
    XXX Antoinette.

  2. Becki S says:

    Your new lifestyle is a gift to yourself! Similar changes, in my life, have resulted in an amazing quality of life-called recovery by many-that have absolutely, wonderfully, changed my life for the better. Better than I every dared to hope for. I didn’t learn those things at home, or in school, but through the misery of trying the things I did learn at home over and over and expecting life to work out better than it every had. It didn’t. But changes, choosing to live healthy, have resulted in living happy! Thank you for sharing your story. From another artist, on the road to becoming a successful human being!

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