Sean Krainert

By March 2, 2014Author

Sean Krainert is a copywriter and ghostwriter located in the San Francisco Bay Area. He specializes in strategic content development including SEO, blog, and research writing with a strong focus in the real estate industry as well as in mental health. Sean proactively manages his Bipolar I diagnosis with the patience, love and support of his family, especially his wife and young daughter. Strengthened by the active role of his family, Sean focuses on thriving with bipolar disorder by exploring healthy ways to live, with a strong focus on nutrition and exercise.

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Why do I blog?
I blog because it is a challenge, an outlet and an active way to connect with other people that have a mental illness. As a professional copywriter and ghostwriter, I have become too comfortable writing for other people and about topics that come with a lot of research. But blogging allows me to tap into my natural resource, myself, fully engulf myself with the topic at hand, and enjoy the art of writing at the same time.

I found BC2M….
I found BC2M when I was researching mental health organizations that could connect me with other people suffering from the same illness, as well as be a beacon for myself and the overall fight against the stigma of mental health.

What Stigma Means to Me:
Stigma to me means being labeled and written off and discredited as a human being, without the opportunity to express oneself and educate those who either knowingly or ignorantly place the label.

The Way I Find Wellness:
I find my wellness by focusing on my routine as well as on the physical part of every activity. When I follow the daily routines I methodically create, rigorously work out every morning, mindfully meditate, follow a healthy diet and focus on the physical aspect of every activity, it allows me to confidently eliminate any factors that could be altering my moods giving me a better idea of genuine triggers and the opportunity to proactively create solutions.

If I Had a Magic Wand:
I probably wouldn’t use it. I would be too paranoid about the karma attached to it!

My Pick-Me-Up Song:
Anything by The Doors. I guess you could say it’s more a mellowing out attachment I have to them, which in turn, helps to pick my moods up.

Favorite (Mental Health) Book:
Nutrition Essentials for Mental Health:  A Complete Guide to the Food-Mood Connection by Leslie Korn PhD

I absolutely thrive on finding tangible, and proactive, ways to battle my illness. I love cooking and eating healthy. And being able to rely on facts, rather than trends, makes eating healthy that much more rewarding.

If I were a superhero, I would be / have powers to…
Whichever superhero my daughter would want to play with that day. Which usually ranges from being Superman to a rainbow princess.

Words to Live By:
I can always do something better. I never strive to be perfect, but there is always room to push yourself, and I thrive on pushing my limits. Knowing that tomorrow can be different than and better than today dependent on my efforts, keeps me getting up day after day.