Snowed In

By March 6, 2014Blog

How very strange that we in Montana have endured less snow than those of you in the east.  But we’ve had snow too. Enough snow!  Especially snow with a side of melancholy. But sometimes things are funny!

About ten days ago I had to have my truck pulled out of my driveway as I thought I could drive in, but couldn’t, and got stuck.  So my truck was parked on the side of the road and I was completely snowed in behind my dog fencing. I had to get down to Wyoming to see my mom. I had to load up my dogs and luggage to be away for a week. I couldn’t budge the gate that was trapped in ice. I spotted the top of the fence just poking out about five inches on the north side and thought to myself that I could walk over the snow and easily step over that part of the fence. Wrong! On the way over I sank into about four feet of snow. But I reached the fence and threw my luggage over, then picked up each of my dogs and placed them in the snow on the other side of the fence. Rosco, my exuberant Rat Terrier, immediately jumped back over the fence to be on my side; I put him back over and, I must admit, yelled at him to stay put. So, that’s luggage and four dogs all on the side of the fence where we needed to be. I finally heaved myself over and face planted in the deep snow. We all struggled to get to my truck but finally made it! I’ve owned this place for 18 years and I have never ever seen so much snow!

It’s a seven hour drive to where my mom lives, the road cutting from Montana to Idaho to Wyoming. It’s beautiful but when the roads are bad it’s very scary. Someone was looking out for me because the roads were good.  Even when I drove back the roads were good. So here I am, back in my house, far away from my mom again, not feeling great about anything. Can I blame the snow? My pipes almost burst in my absence and if it wasn’t for my neighbors they would have. But that’s all part of winter, right? Unfortunately yes.

Now that I’m home melancholy has taken me over. We’re expecting another cold snap. One of my dogs, Woofie, has developed a bum knee and can’t use one hind leg or the doggie door. But more than anything, I’m anxious about my mom. She’ll be 90 at the end of March. My first grandbaby, her first great-grandbaby, will be born in the middle of March. I just want to know that Mom will meet this new little person before she goes. I think I might be using grandbaby to keep Mom on this earth, insisting that she wait for the birth. I can’t imagine life without my mom in it. I know this is true for my siblings also. We’ll all gather together at the end of March to give Mom a happy 90th.

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