“LISTEN CAREFULLY” Written by Iysha Rafiq, and Performed by Actors from the Movie, LISTEN

By July 9, 2015Blog

“LISTEN” is a poem written by fifteen year old Iysha Rafiq that was inspired by her experience as an extra on the feature film LISTEN. We felt compelled to bring her words to life so we asked actors from the movie to recite the lyrics.

We are in a crisis. At the root of the chaos going on in the world, is the fact that we don’t know how to listen to one another. If we start actively listening, then the tragedies will subside.

We can literally save lives just by listening. Please share.  to listen.

Knox Avenue Films
Editor:  Erahm Christopher
Producer:  Brooke Dooley
Composer:  Allan Vest
Sound Mixer:  Rocketwerks
Colorist:  Mars

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  • Maureen P says:

    This resonates with me SO completely! I have Bipolar 1, write poems & have performed on the stage in many arenas. We know we have to get the word out to , “End the Stigma!” I so thank Glenn Close for what she is doing now – not just because she can,but because she cares!!!
    I spread the word about BringChange2Mind every chance I get.

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