Almost two years ago I packed up my bags and a U-Haul truck and drove, by myself, from New York City to Los Angeles, CA to pursue my dreams. I left all of my close friends and family behind on the East Coast, which made the transition a little harder and I definitely felt isolated, lonely, and home sick.

In a city full of people and potential, I would feel lost and alone. Depression, to greater or lesser degrees, runs in my family, just like it does in many families. I spotted the signs of being on a slippery slope of allowing myself to feel the natural feelings of missing my family and friends and accepting change in my life, to allowing sadness, fatigue, and loneliness to consume me.

I took control and started to meditate, keep a journal, exercise daily, talked daily to family and friends, and was mindful to eat healthy foods that gave me energy. Being brave enough to acknowledge that there’s a line between feeling my feelings and allowing my feelings to overwhelm me, I was able to take back control of my life. There’s no shame in acknowledging your feelings.

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  • Crystal says:

    I relate to of the main reasons i had to leave my dorm halfway through school semester to live back at home again because the separation from my family was too much for me..even if it was just 1 hour and 30mins train ride from my dorm to my home. The separation was very hard on me.

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