Rachel B

By June 3, 2016Story

I’m often told because I’m smiling, because I laugh and enjoy life that there can’t possibly be something wrong with me. The truth is, every day something will give me some sort of anxiety. Sometimes it’s taking a simple jog, other times it’s something as easy as ordering coffee. For me personally, that anxiety often leads to severe depressive episodes. It’s as if my mind is against me. So I do the fake it until I make it and hope that it works that day.


  • Krysie says:

    You couldn’t have said it any better or more simply! I feel this way EVERY DAY!

  • bill p says:

    Rachel I’m glad to hear that you are keeping your head in the game and fighting back against this silent but very formidable and real disease. Most people can’t begin to understand the daily struggle that we face just to get through the day. Stay strong and remember that u can’t bear the burden of people’s misperceptions about you and what you face. Just remember that you are not alone.

  • Ashleigh says:

    Something that helps me with my anxiety is to feel like I am in control over everything or everyone that I am feeling anxious about. Like I am better than the person. This sounds conceited but it works. I know everyone is different but maybe try it. Just be the queen and the world is your peasants. Hope you’re ok. Best of luck!

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