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By June 13, 2016Story

Hi my name is Lorraine. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar I and PTSD, along with Manic Depression.   I always knew since I was a small child there was something very different from me and my siblings, I wasn’t diagnosed until 2001 by a very good Doctor here in the Valley of Az.

I didn’t know anything about Bipolar I or anything about mental illnesses. I just knew I was hurting inside for along time, and I didn’t know exactly where or what to to to seek help. I had made arrangements to be submitted into a Mental hospital here in the Valley and that’s where it all began. I have been treated by many different Doctors and it’s been a roller coaster even to this day.

I have had many challenges come and go with this in my daily life. I never give up cause I tell myself tomorrow will be a better day – and if it’s not then I know it’s something that I didn’t accomplish that day before that I needed to complete. It’s made me a better person mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I look more on the brighter things in life then looking on the sad hurtful feelings that try to rob me of my intelligence that I have been blessed to have.

I take as much time out to listen to different people who I know are having a difficult time in their lives – even if I’m not really in the strongest mood to face that challenge. I can leave these people smiling and laughing knowing I made their day brighter when I know down deep inside I never knew what was troubling them.

I can feel people’s emotions but all I can say to u all is get the help.  Its Okay and there is nothing wrong with getting yourself to feel much better.

You are not alone. We all have our problems. No one is perfect. Continue to keep up with your appointments even if it can be a hassle at times. I have been doing it for some time now, cause I want to continue to feel better about myself and let others know I’m human just as everyone else is and we are just unique individuals.  Keep strong, move on, we have our weak moments, believe me I do, but I keep moving on. I have blossomed into a new butterfly that I never thought I would ever see to this day.  Sending u all my Love and Strength positive energy flowing your way. Peace to u all, Lorraine

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  • Leslie M says:

    Lorraine- Thank you so much for sharing. What you say about seeking help for yourself and always sharing with others to help those who’re going through the same thing is so good! I’ve lost several family members to mental illness. Family didn’t talk openly about mental illness leading up to their deaths and because of the stigma of mental illness, members of family and friends still don’t want to call it mental illness. Thank you for being so open! Healing starts with talking and sharing.

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