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By June 28, 2016Story

When I was six years old my grandmother came from Ohio and lived with my family in California for almost a year. The next time I saw my grandmother was several years later and the first thing she said to me was, “What happened? You used to be such a happy child!”

Somewhere along the line I had lost my happiness. Most of my adult life I have suffered from depression, sometimes trying to commit suicide. But then I made a determination to be happy no matter what. I knew that I wouldn’t always be happy and that at times I would still be sad or depressed, but I made the determination to get through these tough times and return to happiness once again.

I began to study about happiness and now I am studying for my PhD in happiness — psychology really, but with a focus on positive psychology and happiness.

Now I want to teach others what I have learned and teach them to find happiness in their lives.

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