Kyle H

By August 12, 2016Story

Five years ago, my dad left me. I didn’t take to it that well. In fact, he wasn’t my actual dad. I learned shortly before he left from a letter from my biological dad’s ex-wife. So it made it harder. The feeling that my real dad and my ‘dad’ didn’t want me.

I drank, did drugs, and self-harmed. I even attempted suicide. I eventually lost my best friend / girlfriend, moved and started over. More recently, 4 months ago, my school guidance counselor died. And we were super close. We talked all the time. And then my girlfriend broke up with me right before we spread her ashes.

Then shortly after that, my mom and little brother moved away and I had to move in with my friend. From the moment I knew everything was happening, to when they left, was in total two days. Then I tore up my ankle, which means I can’t play football my senior season. The season that is critical to getting a scholarship.

I am on medication for more recent events. I’ve harmed myself. And I’ve had thoughts of suicide again. In going through all this, I’ve been left with serious issues. I have abandonment issues, trust issues, anxiety, depression, stress, I can’t sleep, I don’t want to eat. I am mentally unstable. And I am trying to pull through this. And I hope to share this story to show people that they are not alone in their situations. And someone is always there.


  • Barbarita says:

    Kyle, you are not alone and are obviously resilient and incredibly brave for sharing your story. It may not always feel like it but it will get better. Try to find some peace & comfort each day. That’s all you should expect of yourself.

  • Julie says:

    Hey Kyle, my name is Julie and I am a junior in high school and I self harm as well. Kyle, I know you can get through this. I know that you are strong. Last summer I got taken into states custody. I am in Foster Care and everyday I find it harder and harder to cope with not being with my family. And even more recently I have realized that I won’t go home. I’ll be in care until I’m 18. and although I just turned 17, I don’t think I can emotionally and mentally make here in this foster home… I have break downs a lot. I want to self harm more then ever now. I guess what I’m getting at Kyle, is even that I don’t personally know you. You got this.

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