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By September 26, 2016Story

I struggled with anxiety for two years. It felt like my brain mugged me, and I was left, reeling and puking. I threw up every day for two years and became a shell of my former self. Finally, I decided to leave my full time job and took on part-time work which was a lot easier on my system. With the help of a wonderful nurse, I started to process the years of child abuse (emotional, physical, sexual) and neglect I endured. I’ve suffered cluster headaches and experienced a stroke, but nothing was more painful than anxiety attacks.

There is no shame in having a mental illness. It is a shame if you neglect your mental hygiene. You have a RIGHT to feel positively about yourself. You have a RIGHT to being treated. It’s NOT that you’re weak or ill disciplined. It has to do with brain chemistry, a biological condition.

I’ve known too many wonderful people who committed suicide because they didn’t get the care they needed. Some were schizophrenic; others were depressed. See a doctor, take your medication, learn how to be mindful, and love yourself.

If you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs, there’s no shame in that either. Go to rehab, if necessary.

I have more years behind than ahead of me, but I’m finally joyful and hopeful. Shame only hurts you. Let it go. We’re all built differently, so, if you need help, take it. There IS hope and help.

May God bless you.

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  • Donna says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. There is still such a Stigma about mental illness,in our society. I’m so Thankful for sites like this one and hope that it will shine a bright light on this problem so that more of us can step out, into that light and not feel judged or “less than”……..

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