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By December 12, 2016Story

My name is Lisa and this is my story. I want to tell as many people as possible. I’m on a mission to fight stigma due to what I’ve experienced from those closest to me. I’m a person with two mental illnesses. Bipolar Disorder I (BPI) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) What I call a TX size helping of mental illness! This is what I’ve been told. “Just snap out of it!” when depressed. “I can’t respect someone with a mental illness.” “Mental illness doesn’t exist.” A doctor, when he learned of my diagnosis of BPD, said, “We were taught in medical school that those people are difficult to deal with.”. He’d known and respected me for 6 (+) years prior to this.

I was diagnosed with BP I almost 13 years ago and BPD 3 years ago. It has taken me that entire time to stop feeling ashamed about having mental illnesses and to realize I should be proud of the fact that I am taking care of myself by seeing my Psychiatrist regularly and by taking my medications as prescribed. I want the world to know that the face of mental illness is every-day people like me. The exception rather than the norm is those who enter public places armed and ready to open fire or a pilot who flies a plane full of passengers into a mountain. I would like one day not to be afraid of who I reveal to that I have two mental illnesses, a potential partner, a new doctor, co-workers, even friends. Lisa,  Houston, TX Age 52


  • Joel says:

    Thank you for your bravery. I work in the legal profession; there is not much compassion for people managing a mental illness. Often, being tough is what is respected–or at least fears–while compassion is belittled. At the same time, I am blessed with family and friends who love me, knowing of my illnesses, and that is a treasure. I can only hope that, slowly, our society will become more compassionate.

  • Paul says:

    You are fighting the stigma. Awesome! Thanks for sharing and the healthy work you are doing.

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