I am writing as a mother of a daughter who has borderline personality disorder. After sixteen years of addiction (many people who are undiagnosed turn to drugs or alcohol), she is in recovery and dealing with a dual diagnosis which is difficult for both the alcoholic and family members who watch helplessly as their loved one struggles through recovery. Many celebrities admit to addiction issues but mental health issues are still kept in the dark. My daughter is a beautiful, intelligent person both inside and out but her future remains shaky due to the stigma that exists in our society. The stigma affects the healthcare that she isn’t getting at the moment that would allow her to hold a full-time job and even better yet, have long-term relationships.

At this moment, I am wringing my hands as her phone has been turned off and I am unable to reach her. This is my story.

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  • Sean S. says:

    Hi Tina my name is Sean and I understand what you are going through…I have a twin sister who suffers from severe borderline personality disorder. My sister is also a brave, caring, intelligent, beautiful person inside and out and has had trouble adapting to a sometimes cruel society that has a stigma because she thought she had to hide this disorder. It is a daily struggle for both her and my immediate family members and one of the most frustrating parts is that nobody understands how tough it is until they “see her in action.” And then they say, wow I didn’t know it got THIS bad. It would be amazing if there were more awareness and resources for those with mental health issues…I hope that things ended up being ok and my prayers are with you!

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