Kalyn J-T

By January 23, 2017Story

I have been dealing with depression ever since I was 16. I have been teased by friends and classmates. I have been pushed to be something I am not. I have been told that I would not be loved or be in positive relationships . But having depression is still a struggle. I went undiagnosed. The depression kicked in after my grandmother died and after finding out that I was adopted. It got worse when I had to hold the family together after my grandmother died.

I came out as a lesbian at 20 and it wasn’t a happy come out with my mother . My mother and myself were arguing a lot . I was losing many friendships due to people and their actions . It had gotten to be unbearable . Around 21 , I tried to take my life . I went to the hospital and finally was diagnosed with major depression. I finally got the help needed and continued help for a year. I thought I felt better so I stopped getting it. I stop my medicine and everything. I went one year without my medicine and help. Unfortunately it did not go well ….. everything was harder to deal with .

I am 24 and still dealing with it. I am now doing counseling again. I say all this to say :
Stop being strong and cover up your mental illness to others
Stop holding on to toxic relationships
Get help
Speak up on your illness
Find support
Get help

But most of all
Keep Fighting


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