Jackson McQ

By April 3, 2017Story

I am a transgender male. I have been in and out of mental hospitals 6 times since august of 2016, for depression, anxiety, bulimia, self harm, and suicide attempts.

My reason for doing this is to say, I’m stable now. I’m not perfect, I’m not happy. But it went from self harm every other day, to being a month clean.

Death isn’t the only thing on my mind anymore. I want anybody who’s struggling to know that I’m okay now even though i never thought i would be.

So i want anybody reading this to know that it does get better, even now i still think about cutting every time i see a knife. I do think about throwing up every time i eat. It’s not easy. It’s not fun.

But i’m to the point where it’s livable. Which is a lot more than i was. And eventually, anybody struggling with similar things will be too.


  • Filipe says:

    I want you to know that its going to get better. I’ve been there step by step. I have been living with mental illness for 25 years, I’m 42 and I had a time when I was so down I could count breaths on my way to bathroom every morning. Eventually the steps got bigger, breathing easier, and now I’m dealing with weight, but I’ll get there. Many kisses, you’re beautiful.

  • guest says:

    Keep up the good work Jackson. I understand how frightening anxiety and panic attacks are. It is a matter of re-wiring your brain. You can start with cognitive behavioral therapy and see if that helps.

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