Hoping for a “ Good Day “

By August 6, 2018Blog

You relaxed that night……. went out to a movie, listened and danced to live music, ate out dinner, or just stayed at home and read a good book and watched some shows.

You went to bed…..calm, chilled, and in positive mental spirits.

You wake up the next day …. hopeful for a “good day”, but as we all know, this wish is not always realized for one reason or another, despite our best efforts to greet the awakening well and embrace the new morning with our personal rituals.  You start with your ‘bathrooming’, you get your favorite morning beverage, take your vitamins and/or medications, etc.   However, you can’t account for all factors, including and especially the thoughts, mood, and actions of all the living creatures, humans and pets, that you live with.  Anything away from the comfortable pattern of your routine can cause a shift, or ripple, in your world.  There’s also and always the current traffic and weather to account for which will certainly impact you on your choice of clothing and planning for your day.

And OMG, if you happen to look at a newspaper, listen to a radio, talk with Alexa, Siri, or whomever you get your news information from, or worse yet, turn on your tv or computer; you will be confronted with the most current news of the moment!!  It may be real information; or it may be “fake news”, but either way, it is generally pretty intense and within minutes, your brain is infiltrated with global, national and local information.   Depending on the content, that experience can be extremely overwhelming, quite sad, fear-provoking, and all can occur in a very short span of time.  Enough to choke a horse, as is said!

So, how do you NOW have that “good day”?

First of all, what is your definition of a “good day”?  Is it:

  1. Getting to all of your commitments on time;
  2. Being productive in all you do;
  3. Getting along with everyone you meet/encounter during your day;
  4. Watching the quantity and quality of your food intake;
  5. Or is it, managing your mental, physical, and emotional well-being from waking to sleep?

Well of course there is no one right answer to this question and it generally involves a combination of these factors to ultimately accomplish the feeling we’d like to have at the end of most of our days.  It IS doable but like most things that yield successes, it involves using a few of your personal skills;

  1. Keep expectations realistic;
  2. Pace oneself and take breaks for balance, rest, and hydration throughout your day;
  3. Honor yourself with small rewards for your personal achievements;
  4. Use self-care skills like stretching, meditation, self-massage, and  breathing techniques as needed through the day;
  5. Be an active listener, try to be a good communicator, open to negotiate and compromise, and enter into interactions with an open-mind and heart.  Ask questions, and make less assumptions. Set limits and boundaries as needed, with diplomacy and politeness.

You relax that night……

You go to bed……

You awaken the next day……. Rinse and repeat.  Groundhog’s Day repeating itself. However you approach the day, it’s important to instill some consistency in our lives.  It’s not monotony, it’s routine, structure, and grounding.  It roots us and then when the winds of life and change blow hard, we are more prepared and anchored for the long haul.

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