The Power of Music

By October 2, 2018Blog

I am in such awe of the power of music that I kick myself for not tapping into it every day. Every single time I focus in on the music I am listening to, it has an overwhelming effect on my mood. I always have the radio on, and can often be swayed into a better mood or pulled back into a memory by a song in the background. But when I meticulously create playlists and put on my headphones, its nearly unbelievable how it transports my entire focus, mind and mood to another dimension.

People think that when somebody has bipolar I disorder, it means that they’re always plagued by a wave of emotions and are unstable and moody all the time. But I more often find myself void of emotion completely. If I’m not in the gutter with a heavy depressive state or in a dysphoric nightmare of mania, I don’t feel much at all. (Well, except anger and sorrow for some reason). So, I use music to create any mood I desire and it works every time…even if just temporarily.

I have very little power over things in my life, except for how I choose to perceive things. I can’t control other people’s actions or words, or any circumstance that comes my way from out in left field, or the frequency that my bipolar challenges run on. But I can choose to surround myself with positive energy, including music. In my last blog post, I talked about harnessing the power of positive thinking and following where the universe is leading me every minute of my life. And it has all created more good things in my life. I can choose what food I put in my body, the people I surround myself with (for the most part) and I can choose the music I listen to that enhances or creates my moods. In other words, I’m not a victim of my circumstances or my illness–I am not powerless over me and it is up to me to take control over what I can do to help myself feel better.

Here are some times when I use music to alter or enhance my moods—and some fun facts about how I do that:

When I need lifting up or am already in a good mood and need to sustain it as long as I can:

Playlist theme: You could run a marathon listening to this; you could change the world starting with you!

Songs include: The Rocky theme song (I’m not kidding!), Stop the Rock (Apollo 440), or honestly anything with a super upbeat tempo like Bruno Mars…or select songs by ABBA!!)


When my life circumstances are beating me down and I’m powerless over it:

Playlist theme: Screw anybody that can’t recognize your resiliency or self-worth.

Songs include: This Is Me (Keala Settle), I Am Here (Pink), Under Pressure (Queen & David Bowie)


When I feel like I am void of ALL feelings:

Playlist theme: Shit could be worse, dig down deep and feel the burn of the hurt.

Songs include: Soundtrack from Call Me by Your Name, Cold Play, Damien Rice


When I am really needing a mellow, self-inflective mood:

Playlist theme: Take in the big picture of life and let yourself go.

Songs include: Anything by the Doors, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, the later Beatles songs, Let Go (Frou Frou).


What’s your go-to mood music?


  • Shannon H says:

    I love to meditate to religious music or inspirational music when my anxiety is hitting me hard. It calms me. Anything by Celtic Thunder is my favorite.

  • Katarina says:

    Music has changed my life. In high school I was very depressed, and I constantly turned to music to give me an outlet to my feelings. Fast-forward to senior year of college, and I still look to music to guide my life. I have ADD, and it’s not something that many people understand, or would understand how it effects my life. Music has brought me to the most wonderful people and experiences I ever could’ve asked for, and that is why I have dedicated my life to it and will continue to do so. Peace & love xoxo

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