Join us for ‘Hope is an Action’

By April 3, 2019Blog

The Bring Change to Mind High School Program is proud to introduce its first collective call to action week for all participating clubs nationwide. Starting April 8th, BC2M is dedicating this five-day campaign to the hashtag “Hope Is An Action.” We invite our entire BC2M community to join us in sharing this inspirational week with your family, friends and social networks.

Throughout this week, we aim to encourage communities to explore what hope means to them by exploring their own definition of hope, what it can look like, and experiencing what it can inspire you to do. These hopeful discoveries can be used to incite positive change while nurturing empathetic and compassionate conversations about mental health.

For each day’s theme, BC2M has suggested a few different ways you can engage in this campaign. Most activities incorporate social media presence to spread the message throughout your community and throughout the greater BC2M community.

We are thrilled to have our 180 clubs and over 4,500 club members participate in our first BC2M-wide campaign activation and we can’t wait for you to be a part of this collective! Hope is something that everyone needs and it is particularly important to those living with mental illness. We ‘hope” that you will be inspired to join this growing movement of mental health advocacy and share the importance of compassion with your community.

Learn more here: Hope-is-An-Action-Week-Guidebook-min

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