When you recover, what will you do? 

Do you think you’ll come back and everything’s brand new?

I will try to do as much as I can do,

But don’t worry, when you recover, you’ll be better than you. 


You may come back thinking life’s not the same,

That the rules have changed and you’re not cut out for this game. 

But your dreams haven’t changed and they haven’t fallen apart,

All you have to do is take a breath and make a new start. 


The journey back may seem dark and long, 

All you have to do is show them you’re exceptionally strong. 

Because although it may seem that you’re drowning under this weight,

Just know that you’re worthy of overcoming this fate. 


So when you recover, here’s what you’ll do:

You’ll take a deep breath and count till twenty-two. 

And when you’re done, you’ll know you’re out of this cave

Because you’ve always had it in you – now it’s time to be brave.   


The name of this poem is called “Stronger than Ever?” and it’s on how people can recover from mental illness. I’ve had family members who have suffered from mental illnesses and I’ve seen how it changed them. They started to close down and stopped talking. But I also saw them start to open up again. I saw them recover and come back stronger than ever. So I hope this piece will help encourage people who are suffering that it will get better – everyone has the ability to recover and return stronger than ever. 


-Anushka, California

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