When you feel your burden to other people … by Sara Mazaheri Jones

By January 6, 2020Blog

…around you, and the world, is better off without you.

If you feel overwhelmed, feel you are not good enough, or there is something wrong with you, I have been there. There were times this life was so painful for me.   Depression and anxiety can affect anyone with any background.   They lie to  us and prevent us from thriving in life. They tell us we are not important, that we are a problem, that there is something wrong with us,  that the world is better off without us. I remember many times I believed I wasn’t not good enough. As a result I would be depressed and did not have the drive and motivation to do my work. All I wanted to do was curl under my blanket. I felt I was a burden to my friends. I thought many times “why should they care for me?”  I didn’t feel like God loved me or cared for me. I generally love God but those times I felt God was so far away from me.  I have lost many days that could have been productive. So have many people that I have seen in my practice. Amazing bright people who believed that they were not good enough. Depression and anxiety have led many precious people to think they are worthless and they should end their lives. I Know how it feels like and how the lies feel so convincing.

My name is  Sara Mazaheri Jones, I am a psychiatrist.  I both have wrestled with depression and anxiety myself and also have the training in mental health. I know anxiety and depression and how they affect us, both from experience and also studying them. Now I want to help those wrestling with anxiety and depression, because I have been there, and remember how convinced I was that  I was a problem, that I was not good enough.  I have recently written a book called “ Break Free from Anxiety and Depression. How to Thrive at Work, School and in Relationships, no Matter What Life Throws at You.”

My hope is that my book would be an encouragement and source of light for those in dark moments of mental illness and bring awareness and understanding to them of what anxiety and depression actually  are, where they come from and that they CAN battle them.  I want to tell you you are not weak if you experience depression or anxiety and hope and help is available. I want to tell you you matter, more than you know.

I am thankful I am alive. I want to give back. I have learned to love me. So I have learned to love the people around me. Never ever give up.  Every hard step taught me something. So it WILL do the same for you. I am grateful for my life. I have added value to the lives of people around me. SO WILL YOU.


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